Thursday, February 1, 2018

WTHR's Milz Talks to Duke Oliver about Support for Clay, Vote to Hold New Election

No one has to speak to the media, but, when you voted for Stephen Clay for City-County Council President, I think it's incumbent upon you to provide at least a no comment.

WTHR's Mary Milz filed this report on the four Democrats who voted for Clay and the two Democrats who changed their votes on Clay and now want him out as Council President. It's very worth your time. 

So, let's get this on the scoreboard...

Duke Oliver, who agreed to sit down with Milz, says he had no idea the chaos that would follow.

Joe Simpson had no comment and couldn't be reached.

LaKeisha Jackson would not comment and seemed frustrated that Milz contacted her.

Monroe Gray was Monroe Gray.

I credit Oliver for speaking out. At least he took the time to sit down and explain his vote and you can give that account whatever weight you wish. As far as the other three, well, I still think they owe this city and its taxpayers at least a statement about their original votes.

I would also ask Mary Milz to corner Mike McQuillen and all the Republicans that voted for Clay and not let them get away without asking them if their proud of the role of their caucus in this coup. 

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