Thursday, February 8, 2018

Council Dems Say Bye Bye to Clay; Lawsuit Filed

Stephen Clay is still President of the City-County Council, but, after a bizarre stunt, he's been removed from the Democratic Caucus.

Clay was punted from the Democratic Council Caucus after his news conference yesterday where he accused former President Maggie Lewis and Council staff of wrongdoing. Various media outlets and sources with the city quickly debunked his conspiracy theories. There are 14 Democrats on the Council, and 13 voted to boot Clay. In fact, it was a 13-0 vote. 

Then, today, news came that Clay was being sued by eight fellow Councillors charging that he did not have the legal authority to fire now former Council Clerk NaTrina DeBow and former Council Attorney Fred Biesecker. The lawsuit seeks a court injunction to reinstate the employees.

The meeting of the Council on Feb. 19 could be Clay's last stand. Let's hope for the sake of the city, it is. We've seen enough of this ridiculousness. I believe the vote should be 24-1 to change Council Presidents. Vop Osili has been identified as the frontrunner to replace Clay, and the city comes out way way way way way way to the infinite power ahead in that exchange.

Of course, Clay could do us all a favor and just resign. Methinks he won't, though. 


Jim Lingenfelter said...

thank you Jon for a high road report on the craziness that has been the council for the past month. We can only hope that the party returns to some trace of normalcy soon.

True Republican said...

Our thanks to you Jon for covering this important story. This is why we need several bloggers no one person can do it all. We will make sure to mention your good work to others.