Monday, January 22, 2018

WRTV Report Calls Into Question Clay's Ability to Lead, Serve on Council

Councillor Clay
More trouble has surfaced for new City-County Council President Stephen Clay in the form of a WRTV Call 6 Investigates report

It raises provocative questions about Clay's ability to lead and even serve on the City-County Council.

Jonathan Bryant, the man who, as reported by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz on Indy Politics, accused Pastor Clay of groping him several years ago, apparently did some digging, and he found something. 

Per the report from WRTV:
Jonathan Bryant obtained a copy of his own DCS report from 2004 and provided a copy to, which was shared with Call 6 Investigates on Saturday. 
That report, which Call 6 Investigates' Paris Lewbel confirmed through multiple police sources to be authentic, says the case manager who investigated the allegations found the claims against Rev. Clay to be “substantiated” and was turning them over to police and the prosecutor.
No charges were filed against Clay, and it's not immediately clear what happened after DCS turned the case over, according to WRTV. Both IMPD and the Marion County Prosecutor issued statements which are printed in the report. IMPD says there's no record of Clay being under investigation, according to WRTV. The Prosecutor's Office indicated to WRTV that they are still searching any records.

All of this puts Mike McQuillen, the Republicans, and the Democrats who backed Clay for the Presidency of the City-County Council in a tough spot, politically. McQuillen stated that the allegations against Clay were just that: allegations. I don't know if this report will change the calculus for him.

Regardless, it's clear one thing has to happen. Despite the fact that he was never charged, with these revelations swirling around him, Pastor Stephen Clay is no longer able to effectively lead or serve on the City-County Council, in my opinion.

Though he should, he's not likely to resign, and there's no mechanism to remove a sitting Councillor who has not been convicted of a felony.


Little Minds' Hobgoblin said...

Some consistency would be wise, or at least a little less hypocrisy.

Zach Adamson was accused of similar allegations, denied them, and a prosecutor decided to not press charges (deeming them not credible). You didn't call for resignation.

Jeff Miller is currently under felony indictments for child molestation (meaning a prosecutor deemed the allegations credible). You didn't call for resignation.

Why call for Clay's resignation? The circumstances seem nearly identical to Adamson's circumstances, who you didn't call on to resign. They were judged by a prosecutor to be less credible than those against Miller, who you didn't call on to resign.

Why single out Clay?

Anonymous said...

Very, very slippery slope to be calling for Clay's resignation as Little Minds' Hobgoblin points out. The allegations occurred, what, 15 or 16 years ago. The allegations did not result in charges. The allegations did not result in a conviction. The allegations did not resurface until it was clear the council presidency was being challenged. Our laws provided a person is innocent until proven guilty--do we pick and choose when this rule of law is applicable? My guess is that the statute of limitations has run on the allegations. What is to be gained continuing to harp on old allegations that resulted in no charges or to pretend to report on the old allegations as "news"? Whether you like a person or not, a person should not be hounded to the degree Clay has.

johnnystir said...

Zach Adamson was fully investigated by IMPD and a special prosecutor, and he was never charged.

I may not have written a blog post on Miller, but I did call for his resignation on social media. Also, charges were filed against him.

The allegations against Clay were made by a minor and were apparently substantiated by DCS.