Sunday, December 10, 2017

If Moore Wins in Alabama, America Loses

Judge Roy Moore
It's transparent what some Republicans are trying to do in Alabama right now, but no one is talking about it. They are using Judge Roy Moore.

He may get the last laugh.

Yeah, Roy Moore is back in the good graces of the Republican National Committee. After withdrawing from the campaign a few months ago, the RNC has jumped back in and is putting money behind a man who may be a serial child molester if the accusations made against him are true. President Donald Trump even joined the fight on Friday endorsing Moore.

That should surprise no one. Moore is as morally bankrupt as Trump. They are two peas in the same pod. Moore, however, is maybe even more sinister than the President. As is well-documented, Moore is a one man hate group. 

I believe Republicans at the RNC level see Moore for what he is, but they are just running behind him to keep the seat of Jeff Sessions in the red. If Doug Jones wins the seat on Tuesday, that means that the Democrats are one seat closer to taking back the Senate. That would be a disaster for the GOP agenda.

I honestly believe many Republicans have no intention of allowing Moore to take Sessions' seat. I think they wish to send him back to Alabama before he can do much in the Senate and replace him with another Republican that would be appointed by the Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey.  Again, as has been well-documented, this is something that is rarely done or rarely accomplished in the Senate. A Senator has not been expelled since the Civil War.

It's just sad that the Republican Party is even backing Moore again. It's going to come back and bite them where it hurts someday. The far right is a much smaller political coalition in numbers than the center right and the left. For Trump, backing Moore is a ready-made political ad. 

If Roy Moore wins on Tuesday, the United States of America loses. He will likely be a U.S. Senator, and his hateful views and opinions will serve with him. It's imperative that Doug Jones wins.


guy77money said...

I have to believe the good people of Alabama will not put this idiot in to office. But I have been wrong before. We will find out if Trump's approval rating is so low that his endorsement is worthless.

True Republican said...


It appears that Roy Moore maybe a Russian spy:


guy77money said...

This might be good new for the Democrats.

guy77money said...

Poll: Percentage of Americans Identifying As Republican Has Dropped Since Trump Won

that is better

guy77money said...

Jones win per CNN 10:30 PM - Yahoo!!!!!!!