Monday, November 6, 2017

Say It Ain't So, Joe!

Senator Joe Donnelly
Joe Donnelly, you've done it again.

I've tried to defend you to my friends. I've tried to compare you to a statesman, and I've even tried to give you credit when you have done things right.

Last week, you made my voluntary job very difficult. If you weren't running against crazy in 2018, I'd gladly let you take up the mantle on your own and live with the consequences. That said, you've put me in the position of going to the polls and holding my nose to vote for you.

That's right. You have my vote, and that's probably why you feel comfortable voting for two virulently anti-gay judicial candidates put up by the Trump Administration for confirmation. You feel like you can take my vote for granted. 

You see, I like you, Joe. I think you're truly a good man who has public service in his heart, but I wonder if you like me. I wonder how you can look your constituents who are LGBTQIA+ in the face after you vote the way you did on those nominees. It's hard to, on one hand, court my vote and ask for my money while you vote against my interests.

No, I'm not a one-issue voter. That said, if someone consistently tells you that they want your money and your vote because they need it to go to Washington to serve you and then does the opposite, what would you do?

I remember standing in the hallway of the Indiana Democratic Party's state convention and having a long conversation with then-Congressman Brad Ellsworth. At the time, Ellsworth was wrong on many LGBTQIA+ issues, but he said something that will always stick with me.  He said to me that, on the issue of Don't Ask, Don't Tell that he was willing to risk his political career to vote the right way on that bill. He did. He voted to overturn the policy, and it was used against him in the 2010 Senate race.

Are you willing to do the right thing and put your career as a Senator on the line to do the right thing for Hoosiers? It's not like these nominees were going to fail, Joe. Without your vote, they still would have been confirmed. You did not need to be one of the eight.

I understand that you represent Indiana, Senator Donnelly, but putting these kinds of judicial candidates into our justice system is not helpful for anyone except he ideologues on the right. They are more than comfortable putting principle and party ahead of the people. Don't make that same mistake, sir.

Again, you have my vote. You won't get any of my money.


Anonymous said...

ID:"You feel like you can take my vote for granted."

Yes he can and yes he does. You're going to vote for him even when he votes against your interests. I don't know why you're willing to reward bad behavior.I've finished voting for Democrats simply because they're Democrats.

Unknown said...

I hope you will take me seriously during the Democratic Primary. We have to stand up to a weak Joe Donnelly and defend progressive ideas. Keep up the good articles. - Bill Bowser, Senate candidate