Monday, November 27, 2017

Indiana Dems Rally Troops By Electing Leader
Terry Goodin
Terry Goodin, SERIOUSLY?

The Democrats got together in a conclave today and elected a new Democratic "Pope" to lead the Indiana House Minority into this critical 2018 session.

When the white smoke blew from the chimney from the Statehouse, you have to wonder if some of these Dems were smoking something before they voted and Curtis Hill was waiting outside to declare their activity illegal.

That's because they elected one of he most socially-conservative Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly, Goodin, as their leader.

By socially conservative, I mean socially conservative. You the 1950's sense. I'm definitely exaggerating...but not by much. Look him up.

You know, if you are a Democrat that cares about social issues or gun control or really any of the core tenants of our party, this has to tick you off.

I guess these are the things that happen when no one's watching.

I'd say something stronger, but, as a member of the LGBTQ community, I just got slapped in the face so hard I'm picking my teeth off the ground.

Woo hoo! Go team. Starting to wonder if it matters here in Indiana. SERIOUSLY. If the Democrats "in power" are this completely oblivious and elect basically a Republican as their leader, why bother with state politics? Heck, Eric Holcomb may be even more of a Democrat.  Kegger at Bosmas to celebrate!

Scott Pelath...please...COME BACK!

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Anonymous said...

I think this is the beginning of the Trump takeover of the Indiana Democratic Party. Goodin supports more of Trump’s values than real Dems. I will NOT support, contribute or vote for any Dem Rep who supported Goodin.