Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gerrymandering Resolution Passes City-County Council by 15-10 Vote

Current Council Districts
Last night, a bipartisan group of Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Councillors passed a proposal for a special resolution to urge the Indiana General Assembly to support reform eliminating gerrymandering.

Fifteen Councillors voted yes. Almost all of them were Democrats (two Republicans). Ten Councillors voted no. Almost all of them were Republicans (one Democrat).

Why has the Republican Party decided to take this position? After all, gerrymandering City-County Council Districts and eliminating the At-Large seats from the Council didn’t provide the desired result of a Republican-majority Council in 2015’s election. In fact, Democrats won two of the seats Republicans seemed to engineer to be in the hands of the GOP.

Gerrymandering dilutes voices, and, to be honest, both parties have been guilty of it. It’s one of the biggest benefits of winning a majority in a political system. Under the current set-up, the majority gets to draw the district lines. Usually, the party in power does so to protect itself.

It’s past time to reform this practice and eliminate it from politics. Unfortunately, this proposal didn’t pass 25-0. Below, note the people who represent you that voted for and against this proposal and, should they appear in public or at town hall meetings, make sure you ask them why they want to continue to gerrymander. If they don’t give an answer that makes sense, ask the question again.

Voted Yes on Proposal 285.
Zach Adamson-District 17 (D), Stephen Clay-District 13 (D), Jared Evans-District 22 (D), Colleen Fanning-District 2 (R), Monroe Gray-District 8 (D), LaKeisha Jackson-District 14 (D), Blake Johnson-District 12 (D), Maggie Lewis-District 10 (D), Frank Mascari-District 21 (D), Jeff Miller-District 16 (R), Duke Oliver-District 9 (D), Vop Osili-District 11 (D), David Ray-District 19 (D), Leroy Robinson-District 1 (D), Christine Scales-District 3 (D)

Voted No on Proposal 285.
Jeff Coats-District 5 (R), Susie Cordi-District 18 (R), Jason Holliday-District 20 (R), Scott Kreider-District 23 (R), Janice McHenry-District 6 (R), Mike McQuillen-District 4 (R), Brian Mowery-District 25 (R), Marilyn Pfisterer-District 15 (R), Joe Simpson-District 7 (D), John Wesseler-District 24 (R)


Do As I Say, Not As I Don't said...

What I don't understand is the non-binding resolution. It's fine, but the council could remove politics from their current map (drawn by the lame duck Republican council in 2011). A new map would cost a few hundred dollars for the software, and could be drawn with zero political input.

I'll believe they oppose gerrymandering when they eliminate their own gerrymandered seats.

Anonymous said...

GOP response to City-County Council's gerrymandering resolution:


HAAAA HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Rick Sutton said...

Do AS I Say: You do realize, right, that state law dictates when these lines are redrawn? And: the non-binding resolution is one of several promoted around the state, to show the legislature a groundswell of support. That effort includes former Lt. Gov. John Mutz (R) and former Supreme Court Associate Justice Ted Boehm (D), as well as many many more solid Hoosiers.