Sunday, October 8, 2017

Democrats Must Articulate Message for Future Success

President Trump
Harold Ford, Jr. was on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, and he said something that I've been saying for a while.

If Democrats are going to do anything in the next few election cycles, they are going to have to do it on message and not counting on making Donald Trump into a supervillain. My advice to the DNC would be to ignore Donald Trump and let him sink himself. He's doing a great job of it. What Democrats need to do is get back to being the party of the people.

Now, I do believe it's fair to talk about Donald Trump and his leadership. I think it's fair to talk about how he's been divisive, but that can't be the only message.

Trump has systematically rolled back almost every bit of progress President Barack Obama made on many fronts. We have to remind people why the progress was made is incredibly important. We have to become the party of defending the Affordable Care Act. We have to become the party of defending Dreamers. We have to become the party of human rights and equality. We have to push a plan and get candidates who can help Democrats to push it.

For 2020, we have to put forth a 50-state strategy again. If we take a winning message and put it behind a strong candidate, we will win. Don't expect a landslide, but expect those states that flipped in 2016 to flip back in 2020 if we hit the right message. We have to play electoral politics as well as we can play it and hope that we can bring some more states over, too.

It's just not going to be easy, and I would assume that Donald Trump will be President in 2020. Republicans have a civil war going on in their own party, and we can't do the same thing. We have to find a candidate that unites the party and get behind that candidate.

Finally, once Democrats get the message and the candidate, the move must be made to go digital. Work so hard on social media platforms...just like the Trump campaign and the Republicans did in 2016.

The bottom line is that without the first part of this, a coherent message that resonates, the rest of my plan won't work. We can't cede the messaging to Trump and the Republicans, and we certainly can't win by getting into the mud with him no matter how much he tries to take us down there.


Anonymous said...

ID:" If we take a winning message and put it behind a strong candidate, we will win."

The Democrats screwed that opportunity. There was a strong candidate and a winning message.The candidate was Bernie Sanders. So,what happened? The DNC decided to support a divisive and lousy candidate. The DNC continuously stated they didn't want or need the Bernie supporters. Unfortunately, the DNC and its sycophants ridiculed and mocked Bernie and his supporters --even you were/are guilty of this via your blog. How did that work out for you? The Democratic Party,as it is,will no longer have my support.

You didn't want my support in 2016,you didn't receive it. Myself and many others got the "message". The DNC has been and is going to continue to court white suburban Republicans. Good luck with that.

Democrats,always snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Tammera Mercer said...

It's this kind of bickering,finger pointing and blindness to the core issues Americans truly care about that has people seeing the Democratic Party and their mixed messaging as background noise. We don't need to put politics in the gutter. We have Trump for that. We can't be seen as incompetent peddlers of an outdated agenda. We have Trump for that.
It would seem that ousting Trump in 2020 should be fairly easy because of who he is. But if voters demonstrated one thing during this past election cycle, it's that they aren't put off by lies, lack of experience or crazy. Because they voted for him anyway. Even if he didn't get the popular vote, Trump slithered through the electoral college and that's what matters.
If we want to put a Democrat back in the white house and salvage what's left of Obama's work, we will have to galvanize the country in a united effort to take back the American dream instead of conceding it's only for the wealthy now.
We are a nation of proud Americans. If the party siezes on a message of middle class pride,we will again see our Democratic values take up residence in Washington. Infighting is an activity best left to Republicans.

True Republican said...


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