Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So, I've Been Meaning to Say...

It's official. I'm getting older.

Last week, I turned 42.  I also found out that I'm now diabetic.  Next week, I'll go in for a sleep study to find out why I blow the rafters off my room at night with my snores.

I'm too young for this sh....tuff.

Listen, I'm not griping or complaining.  Except for the sciatica and a toe that I slammed into the door jam on Sunday morning, I feel pretty good. I am blessed to have excellent health care through my employer, but I also feel a bit guilty for missing (maybe willfully and blissfully ignoring) all the signs up until now.  To be frank, I've knocked down some of those signs.

The thing is that for a long time that I had an almost fatalistic view of my life.  Easter men don't live long lives. We mostly drop dead in our 60's.  Dad nearly made 70, but he died at 69.  Watching my mom's struggle with long term illness began to change my mind.  When you are delivered the test results that you are diabetic, I came to the realization that I could be my mother and sooner rather than later.

I'm one stroke from being in long term care for the last bit of my life, and that bit could be a long time.  Not quite the mirror image you want looking back from the future.

If I don't improve the quality of how I'm living, I won't improve the quality of my life in the future.  I had a vision of myself in ten years, and it's not who I want to be.

So, I'm going to make some small changes at first.  Then, I'm going to gradually change some other things.  Before you know it, it's going to be a new me.

I know this blog post is not about politics, but I wanted you to know what I've been going through lately.  I've been kind of depressed about all of this, and, frankly, I haven't had a lot of time in my life to blog.  I'm going to start posting again.

We're going weekly for a while, but I fully intend to get back to a daily weekday posting schedule.  I just need to get myself sorted out, first.  I hope you all understand, but I understand if you don't.

Finally, I don't write this for sympathy.  I know many people have it worse than me.  I also don't write this to get a lecture.  Believe me, I've already lectured myself.  I just want you to know that we're all in this crazy world together, and I wanted you to know what was going on with the blog.

Thanks for your support over the last nine years, and I hope you'll continue to read on into the future.


True Republican said...

Thanks for sharing this Jon. All we can say is work with your health care providers and you should have a good life. At the very least your quality of life will improve. Take care of yourself.

Chas. M. Navarra said...

Take care of yourself, Jon. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. As always, best wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

Jon-I applaud your resolve to take initial steps towards a healthier you. It takes commitment and much effort to overcome years of ingrained habits as well as genetic predispositions. As you strive for a healthier physical body, continue your dedication to leading a purposeful life which you already do through your teaching and blogging. It's cliche, but make each day count and make them ones in which your presence affects someone else in a positive way. One day of news coverage provides plenty of example of individuals who left their homes in the morning, expecting to return at the end of the day, but didn't-through no fault of their own. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time transfers too many from this life to the next. Considering my own near misses, I much appreciate being a 62 year old bonafide senior citizen. I am grateful for the bonus days I believe I have been granted. Diabetes-you can overcome it or work around it. Yes-you can.

johnnystir said...

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!