Thursday, July 6, 2017

Indiana GOP Refuses To Listen To Responses To Own Facebook Post On ACA

The Indiana Republican Party got more than it bargained for when it asked for Obamacare horror stories on Facebook.

A "walk" through the comments to the post reads like an ad for the Affordable Care Act rather than one against it as people poured out their hearts telling their stories to the Indiana GOP.  The attempted social media stunt with unintended consequences has generated all sorts of coverage by the national media.  Here's just one example from CBS.

In the CBS article, Kyle Hupfer, this week's Chair of the Indiana GOP, blames the Indiana Democratic Party and other Democrats for sharing the social media post and essentially flooding the post with pro-Affordable Care Act stories.  To that, I'd say he's right.  I won't lie.  I shared the post, and I encouraged my friends to share their healthcare stories.  Some of them did.

I also shared my story that, as someone with pre-existing conditions, that I might find difficulty finding coverage or affording coverage under the proposed Republican bills passed by the House and being considered by the Senate.  The sheer volume of stories and the ratio of pro-Obamacare to anti-Obamacare stories kind of speaks against Hupfer's point.

Republicans and those against the Affordable Care Act have also had every opportunity to share their stories and encourage others to speak out.  Their comments, even after the news broke about the social media post, have still been drowned out by those singing the praises of the Affordable Care Act.

Hupfer's response poo-pooing the overwhelmingly pro-ACA stories and the personal nature of some of the comments and what people shared just underscores how much the GOP doesn't care about what people think when it comes to health care.  For Republicans, it seems the problem with Obamacare is that it has become one of the signature accomplishments of the Barack Obama Administration.

When I look at this kerfuffle, I think it shows that there's much more support for the Affordable Care Act than support for the Republican alternatives.  I think that Republicans will regret the attempts to repeal and replace the legislation.

I also see a party that made a big mistake on social media trying to dig its way out of it.  That's also a cautionary tale in this 21st century political world.  Also, even if Obamacare isn't exactly perfect, it's still way better than anything the Republicans have dreamed up, and they've had years to concoct a plan.

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