Thursday, July 13, 2017

Indiana: A Heartless State?

Governor Eric Holcomb
Eric Holcomb signed off on an application to make Indiana one of the first states to require people to work as a condition of receiving Medicaid benefits.

The plan would not apply to all Hoosiers receiving Medicaid...only those who are not pregnant, under 60 years old, or not "medically frail" would be required to work, according to Maureen Groppe's report in USA Today.  Groppe says 59 percent of Hoosiers already on Medicaid work.

According to the USA Today report by Groppe, critics say that no many more people would qualify to work therefore numbers in the workforce won't rise by much.  Opponents say that this is just another barrier that could be used to interrupt or toss people from their coverage.

It does beg the question, for example, as Groppe does, what does "medically frail" mean?  For example, is someone who has cancer, for example, medically frail?  Could working make someone with heart disease more medically frail?  The article also mentions those with mental illness.

Hopefully, Holcomb will change his mind on this stupid and heartless idea.  We really should not expect people on Medicaid to work as a condition of their coverage.

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