Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump Eager to Erase Obama Legacy

"Thanks Obama" is not just a meme any more.
It's all about being vindictive.  That's the Republican logic in Washington, and it's hurting America and Americans.

Donald Trump's presidency so far has been erasing President Barack Obama's eight years from office out of the record books.  Trump has tried to kill the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a rushed piece of legislation that will hurt Americans in their pocketbooks and at the doctors office.  Today, we saw further evidence as Trump announced the country's withdraw from the Paris Accords on climate change.

Trump's rolled back Obama executive orders aimed at reducing carbon in the atmosphere.  He's rolled back efficiency standards for cars.  He's taken steps to make Americans more unhealthy with what they order at restaurants by rolling back the Obama-era plan to post caloric content on menus.

It's much more than that as well.

Trump's new budget (complete with befuddling math errors) amps up the defense spending while attempting to balance the budget with deep cuts in social programs such as food stamps and medicaid.

This is besides the embarrassment that President Trump is on a near daily basis to the country.  His manner as well as some of the things he's posted on social media are beneath the office he holds.

So, let's be really clear about Trump's aim.  He's trying to take America back to before the Obama Administration to the failed policies of Republicans like George W. Bush whose policies nearly brought the country's economy to a full stop.  Tax cutting for the richest Americans while we have so many things and so much debt going on against us is simply dangerous because we've seen this movie before.

Trump, however, and the coalition that elected him somehow believe America was greater before Obama was our President.  We simply know that's not true.  Obama wasn't perfect, but he was a great President whose accomplishments just keep looking better each day.

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