Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Spotlight Back on Indiana Senate DIstrict 29 for 2018

Sen. Mike Delph
Indiana Senate District 29 will be back on the ballot in 2018, so that means the referendum on Mike Delph will be back on the ballot as well.

Delph has been a little more quiet than normal since having his wings clipped by his own caucus after he revealed information that happened in caucus back in 2014.

Taking you back, Delph revealed that the discriminatory House Joint Resolution 3 that would have amended the Indiana Constitution to make same-gender marriages illegal was dead via Twitter.  For that, Delph was banished to sitting with the Democrats by Senate President Pro-Tempore David Long and was removed from his leadership roles in the caucus.

Delph also is getting primaried...or at least will have a primary opponent.  According to Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Indy Politics website, Carmel-based city planner and architect, Corrie Meyer, is running on the Republican ticket.

Democrats are running J.D. Ford again.  Ford ran a teriffic campaign in 2014 pulling in 46 percent of the vote in the district that includes a large part of Hamilton County, part of Boone County, and parts of Washington, Pike, and Wayne Townships in Marion County.

Any way you slice it, Delph will have to work hard again to stay in office.  You would have to think that the blue parts ot the district have become more blue, and I can't imagine Delph is any more liked now than he was in his district four years ago.

If the Democrats are ever going to make any progress in the Senate, this is one of those seats they have to have because it is winable...especially with Delph in the seat.  We'll see how this one plays out in both the primary and the general.

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Markus said...

Let's hope they run on some populism this time. The whole "common sense", "across the aisles" thing doesn't get you elected anymore.