Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recent Poll: Hoosiers Cautiously Approving of Holcomb

Governor Holcomb
A majority of Hoosiers think Governor Eric Holcomb is doing a good job according to a recent poll by the Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association, and I think Holcomb has largely earned the accolade.

The Indianapolis Republican stands at a 54 percent approval by Hoosiers to go with with the General Assembly's 49 percent approval rating.  Another 56 percent of Hoosiers think the state is on the right track in the poll conducted by Fabrizio Lee & Associates.  All of this was more secondary to the headline of the poll showing that over 70 percent of Hoosiers believe cold beer sales should be expanded and 65 percent support Sunday sales.

The overarching headline of the poll is more good news for Holcomb.  As you may remember, he signed the Indiana General Assembly's Ricker's Convenience Store loop hole fix bill reluctantly asking the General Assembly to look at Indiana's antiquated liquor laws.

Back to the Governor's approval rating.  I am really surprised the number is just 54 percent.  It would seem Hoosiers like their Governor but just aren't sure to make of him quite yet.  That should be some decent news for Indiana Democrats as they look ahead.  There must be something holding Holcomb's numbers back, and that very well could be Donald Trump.

Eric Holcomb did a far better than average job marshaling the state through his first Indiana General Assembly session. Obviously, I have my ideological differences with the man, but he made it clear that he's not as ideological as many thought he would be. He also showed that he has some backbone of his own and won't necessarily be a pushover for Brian Bosma and David Long as many thought he might.

Let's face it though, Holcomb hasn't really be truly tested yet. Mike Pence didn't get tested until the entire RFRA thing hit, and he failed the test. Liquor laws, government transparency and a couple other areas seem to be where Holcomb differs from his General Assembly majority. Given the opportunity, he caved on the liquor laws, on solar power, and on expanding restrictions on abortions. He also moved forward to make the Superintendent of Public Instruction position an appointed rather than elected position. None of these were particularly big moments.

His highlights of his first few months in office were the way he moved swiftly to help East Chicago residents affected by lead in their water. He also pardoned Keith Cooper for a crime he clearly didn't commit over the objections of Attorney General Curtis Hill.

Time will tell what Holcomb does from here, but, as I've written before, his start has been promising. There's a long way to go to 2020 and the next time he'll face the voters.


Anonymous said...

You are dead-on right about Eric Holcomb in everything you pen. The guy was elevated not elected. He is an ultimate political insider crony. How people can say he is doing a good job when he's really not done much truly noteworthy is interesting.

If past is prologue to the future, what will occur will benefit insiders and attorneys far more than everyday Hoosiers like me.

Time will tell. And it's early in the game. But I don't hold much hope for the man I used to suffer through his bloviating at local and state party events.

True Republican said...

Eric Holcomb's presence as Governor is revolting!

The Amazing Abdul said...


Here's the full poll.