Thursday, June 8, 2017

Is Joe Hogsett Looking at 2020 in 2017?

Mayor Joe Hogsett
Joe Hogsett's position on the Paris Accords could actually give us a window into what the Mayor of Indianapolis might be thinking about three or more years down the road.

Hogsett gave good lip service and said the right things about Indianapolis adopting the right kinds of policies to help prevent climate change, but he stopped short of the more hard language to say how we'd get there.  He refused to sign the Climate Mayors Agreement.  As one of my friends put it, "Caution over leadership."

That could be a good way to describe Hogsett's position on not only this but also some other more liberal ideas such as raising the minimum wage for full-time city employees.  The Democratic leadership of the City-County Council is backing it, but Hogsett says he'd rather balance the city budget before looking at raising the city employees up closer to a living wage.

He said the right things but didn't push the sanctuary city thing too far.

Clearly, Hogsett is balancing things out.  Why this cautious approach on seemingly slam dunk proposals for Democrats?  After all, these proposals would largely be popular measures in Marion County where the political pool gets more and more deeply blue.  There are no countywide Republican officeholders, and it's getting harder and harder to find candidates for the elephant party each election cycle.

Liberals can be elected in Marion County, but can they be elected statewide?  Few have tested the waters. Now let me be clear, Hogsett has shown leadership in many areas, but the more controversial the subject might be...the more he seems to dance that line.   Better to be CAUTIOUS, right?

Hogsett has to be looking down the road and keeping his political options open for 2020.  All indications the 60-year-old well-known statewide Democrat will run for a second term in 2019.  With all but the crime issue, he has done a spectacular job.  I'd say the chances are very good he would win that second term.  The next year, however, that Governor's Office may be calling his name.  He could run for that office and not leave his current job.

Eric Holcomb, despite what many believe to be a good start to his tenure, is only at 54 percent approval in two different polls since election day.  An unpopular incumbent could be at the top of the ticket for President if Donald Trump doesn't get himself impeached.

I'd continue watch these more left-leaning issues to get a barometer of what Hogsett might do in the future.  Then again, I could be way off base and Hogsett is just trying to be a strong executive, but I believe that he still might have a desire to make one more statewide run.

Now that the Mayor is probably mad at me...

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