Monday, June 19, 2017

Honest to Goodness, Indiana Now Pence's Fast Cash ATM Button?

That cha-ching sound you heard was Mike Pence hitting the cash register before returning to Washington.

That's right, Pence did a quick run home to raise some money for his own PAC at a max $5,000-a-person fundraiser at the Mariott downtown Friday.  As has been well pointed out by both Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow, it's highly unusual for a VEEP to have his own PAC when he is not running for anything.

Of course the other news is that Pence has lawyered-up to represent him in the many messes the Trump Administration has made so far.  Again, as the Vice President, Pence cannot use government funds to pay for his personal lawyer.  So, as Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow have pointed out, he had to create this PAC in part to pay for one, his attorney and two, a possible run at the top of the ticket in 2020.

When he needed a quick hit on the ATM, Pence returned home to Indiana to get that quick cash.  Congratulations, Hoosiers, we're now the "fast cash" button on Pence's ATM settings.

Actually, when I heard $5K was the top of the line, I was sort of shocked.  He's kind of low balling it.  Eric Holcomb will be part of a 10K a plate dinner at Forrest Lucas's abode on June 27.  For that $10K, you get to sit down for likely a piece of dry chicken and some sort of asparagus or something (hopefully they go for steak) at a roundtable dinner with Holcomb.  The Star report is here.

Maybe Lucas tried to organize something for Pence, but Karen Pence couldn't attend and there would be other ladies present?  I don't know.

Anyway, I'm sure Pence took some cash back with him.

By the way, our friends over at Indy Republican also took a good look at the issue.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pence will not use PAC funds to pay legal fees.


True Republican said...

Jon you a great man, writer and a gentleman. We will tell our readers about this article of yours.

Anonymous said...

I have to believe more and more persons like me who find no home in the Democrat Party and must most often vote "R" to get somewhat close to our political philosophy realize Mike Pence is little more than a wooden, clueless career technocrat mouthing, but not putting into everyday employment, the words of constitutional conservatism.

Karen and Mike Pence have profitted quite handsomely and lived the plitical high life of payola, perks, and privilege at the taxpayers' expense for decades.

And yet the career politician Pence testifies in 2016 according to his OGC Form 278c "disclosure" he has no money.

Right, Karen and Mike. Right.