Thursday, June 22, 2017

Health Care Debate Should Be About People Not Politics

President Donald Trump
The Republicans seem hell bent on attempting to roll back Obamacare prior to the July 4 recess, and it leaves Americans feeling helpless.

High hopes for the Senate at least turning the bill passed from the House side into something remotely palatable have been replaced by concerns that the normally-deliberative upper house of Congress is getting ready to do nearly the same thing. That’s left the future of the Affordable Care Act in peril.

Just yesterday, Anthem announced it was pulling out of the ACA Marketplace with its plans, and who can blame them? The President and Congress have created an uncertainty that any business would be unsure about. Donald Trump is causing health care in this country to collapse…not Barack Obama.

It’s amazing how often Trump wants to blame his predecessor. When Barack Obama rightly pointed out that the failed policies of the Bush Administration were often to blame for what became of the economy he inherited, he was lambasted. Trump seems to get a free pass on things when he whines on Twitter. Still, he seems determined to roll back every single thing President Obama did in his time in office. As Trevor Noah put it on the Daily Show, Trump keeps metaphorically hitting “Control-Z” on everything Obama.

At this point, all we can hope is that enough Republicans refuse to be sheep. There are definite hopes. John McCain sounded frustrated over the way the GOP was trying to ram this bill up the rear of Americans. He rightly noted that Republicans complained about the process Democrats took to hammer out the Affordable Care Act, and that, frankly, was much more of a normal process with hearings, amendments, and votes. Republicans just decided to be the party of no back then.

You can also hope that others out there that have shown a little resistance such as Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins or Jeff Flake understand exactly what this means. Perhaps even Todd Young can be persuaded not to let a hastily negotiated bill by a homogeneous small group of Republican Senators to go through.  Details of which are just leaking out as this posts.

This is NOT about politics folks. People’s lives are at stake. People like me with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My late mother with her Parkinson’s Disease and arthritis would have been sorely effected by whatever is decided. And there are tons more people out there worse off than we were or are.

Obamacare was never perfect, but it was a good start.  The Affordable Care Act should have been tweaked and fixed but Republicans didn't want that.  They wanted whole hog repeal and replace.  That's why we are where we are.  They may get their repeal, but they were never ready to replace.

Again, for God sakes, this is not about politics. Hit the brakes a bit and let’s work this out for the American people, Mitch McConnell. But, if Mitch doesn’t come to his senses, Republicans, don’t be sheep.

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Anonymous said...

You're right,the ACA should've been fixed and tweaked. After 8 years, it wasn't,why not? Because the ugly truth is Democrats at the upper echelons just don't want real health care for the populace. They're indebted to special interests such as the insurance and medical lobbyists.

Republicans and Democrats share the same interests,they want the monies from said lobbyists. Republicans are hateful and crazy,but they get results for their constituents. Democrats are ineffective. It took a Democratic President to bring a Republican plan to fruition. The ACA should be called what it is; Romney/Heritage Foundation Care.

Democrats are useless.