Thursday, June 8, 2017

Donnelly Running Ads for Reelection Campaign

Sen. Joe Donnelly
It appears that in the early going of the 2018 campaign that Joe Donnelly is not leaving anything to chance.

Having already been the subject of ads against him, Donnelly, who does not even know his opponent yet, is out with some early ads to try to define himself in these months before the Republicans began to truly mobilize against him. It's smart politics. Donnelly's advertising hits hard on his record and talks about the Senator's accomplishments in office.  

From the beginning, the Indiana Senator has been accessible and has been talking about more than just the issues that dominate the national news cycles. Donnelly has been trying to improve things for veterans since taking office. He's also been engaged in Indiana's problems with drugs such as heroin and opioid abuse.

Donnelly's problems electorally are going to come from the fringes of both parties. Right wingers will call him a liberal and try to tie him to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Those on the far left attack Donnelly for things like his positions on abortion, his slow conversion to supporting same sex marriage, and his vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch.

The point of all this is Donnelly is starting early, and for a seat the Democrats must hold on to to capture the Senate in 2018, it's a good thing. The earlier the better, I say.


Anonymous said...

Until Donnelly supports drug re-importation,I will not vote for him.

Markus said...

Those "far-left" things you mentioned are not "far-left" they are pretty darn moderate.