Friday, June 23, 2017

Carmel, Fishers Spend Like They Have It (Because They Do)

Questions are being asked about spending in two Hamilton County cities.

First comes the news that Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard's new Ford Fusion has been damaged.  Brainard says he'll pay out of pocket for the repairs.  So kind, Jim.  After all, on his behalf, the City of Carmel is paying $600 a month for that Fusion in a lease agreement.  To put this in perspective, I drive a Chevy Malibu, and I pay much less than $600 a month.  The Indy Star has all the details in this report.  Writers Vic Rykart and Chris Sikich report that Brainard could have negotiated a purchase straight up and saved the city $4,000.

Second is the matter of Fishers and what that city is paying Jennifer Messer, the wife of Congressman Luke Messer.  After an investigation into the records, Bryan Slodysko of the Associated Press found that Messer gets a check for $20K per month from the City of Fishers and does about 26 hours of legal work a week for that cash from Washington.  That's a $240,000 job.

Now, let me caveat this by saying in both cases that Mayor Brainard and Jenniifer Messer have every right to negotiate whatever deals they can get out of the cities they serve.  It just seems like these two Hamilton County municipalities must have stacks of cash laying around if they can simply give it away like this.  

With Indy still struggling to fill its budget hole, maybe the Circle City can ask these two Hamilton County cities for a loan.

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Anonymous said...

As a long time Carmel resident whose family fled the declining quality of life in Marion County in the mid 1970's, I have to say that it is not so much that Carmel and Fishers spend "because they have it". Fishers taxpayers will find out (as did conscientious Carmelites) that in voting to turn their little berg from a town into a city, politicians and their cronies (which will always include a favored engineering/construction company) were in effect given blank checks to build, build, build and spend, spend, spend.

It is my opinion that attorney Jim Brainard is the most dishonest and self-enriching mayor Carmel has been cursed with since the days Mayor Pickett was beaten by that gawd-awful Amish-like in everything except the pursuit of political power and the payola flowing from it, eGOP Jane Reiman. Brainard spends Carmel taxpayer CREDIT, not their real time money. Currently, Carmel residents prefer to keep their heads buried in the sand instead of truly understanding and admitting the devious plan of debt instruments and convoluted financial paper schemes Brainard pulls off to create "urban" city condos and teensy, overpriced cement board clad homes proximate to the narrow liner park where normal free market mechanisms would never create because there is no genuine organic demand. And just like Indianapolis, Carmel is burdened by having asleep at the wheel and the very worst City County Councilors north of the Circle City. Why any of the three Cities has a City Council is beyond understanding. All Cities are run by entrenched nefarious attorneys (when you get right down to it) and at least taxpayers of Fishers, Carmel, and Indy could be spared throwing good money after bad if the City Counselors of all three were abolished and with it the paychecks and upkeep of the entire useless Councilor system.