Monday, May 15, 2017

Race for Marion County Sheriff's Seat Well Underway

Sheriff John Layton
Marion County Sheriff John Layton can't run again because he's term-limited.  After two terms and a long career in law enforcement, he'll step aside in January of 2019.  The race to replace Layton is just beginning.

On the Democratic side, former U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of Indiana, Kerry Forestal, is the front runner for the nomination and probably the favorite to take Layton's place.  Forestal was briefly considering a candidacy for the 2010 election cycle, but he was appointed U.S. Marshal by President Barack Obama.  He stayed in that position until 2015 when he returned to the Marion County Sheriff's Office serving as Executive Officer for Layton.  

Mark Brown, who has run twice against Layton for the Sheriff's position, also has maintained an active Facebook page.  I have not seen Mark to ask him if he's running again in 2018 or not, but a third try would not surprise me at all.  Mark's a man of great class, and I've always enjoyed our interactions.

On the Republican side, two GOP candidates are emerging.  Southport Police Chief Tom Vaughn announced his candidacy last week.  The 20-year veteran of law enforcement has a website up along with a Facebook page.  Jim Grimes, who was last seen making a primary challenge against Bob Behning in House District 91, is another experienced candidate in the mix.  Grimes already is out there raising cash in this race.  He seems to be getting support from the mainstream of the GOP.

There's a little less than a year back to the primary, but the Marion County Sheriff's race may be one to keep your eye on as the field grows.

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