Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pence's Bad Deal Forces State Scramble to Pay for Pet Bicentennial Projects

Pence speaks at Bicentennial Gala
Mike Pence is in Washington, but we’re still paying for his projects in Indiana.

Governor Eric Holcomb signed a budget that includes $5.5 million for Pence pet projects dedicated to Indiana’s now over bicentennial.  Over $53 million in other bicentennial projects remain unfunded with an uncertain future, according to reports.

Holcomb was in a tough position. The projects were done, so someone had to pay. That someone is you and I after Pence left the Hoosier State without a solid funding solution for his projects. The completed work includes the new Bicentennial Plaza on the Westside of the Statehouse and, according to WTHR, upgrades to the state library. Pence initially wanted to lease the state’s cell tower assets to pay for the projects. With no takers, there was nothing in the coffers to pay for the projects.
Had transparency been a part of this equation, I might have backed the projects, but lawmakers were iffy on this plan from the start. Plus, in a state budget that spends $32 billion, the price tag is just 0.0002 percent of the total.

Still, with all the other needs the state had, it seems that the $5.5 million could have been spent elsewhere or come from different sources. $5.5 million could have done a lot elsewhere. 

Instead, it’s tied up paying for Mike Pence’s pet projects while coming out of our pockets instead of maybe more private sources.  I hear the Republicans charged a minimum of $250 and some gave up to $25K a plate to hear Donald Trump, Jr. speak at their spring dinner.  That's hearsay, I admit, but there are probably some local companies that could have easily covered that $5.5 million had they been given the opportunity early in the process.

Call me crazy.


True Republican said...


It probably won't surprise you that an executive at Agile Networks. The group Pence was going to lease cell phone towers to donated money to Pence in 2016

Anonymous said...

Where are your posts on #TrumpRussia?