Monday, May 8, 2017

Every Indiana U.S. House Republican Votes for AHCA Opening Door for Democrats

Democrats should be very excited for 2018.

Every Indiana Republican in the United States House voted for the American Health Care Act, and every provision of this unpopular bill is, as Nancy Pelosi said on the floor of the House, "tattooed on (the) forehead," of every member that voted for it.

Even the most staunch supporter of the AHCA admits that he Senate is going to make wholesale changes to the bill, and, if any form of it passes the Senate, that it won't likely even resemble what came out of the House.

That's why those with preexisting conditions and that depend on things like Medicare are so concerned about this bill.  Over 24 million Americans, according to one estimate, will lose insurance on this bill.  It's a disaster, and all seven Indiana Republicans are attached to that disaster at the hip.

Now, some Republicans could run naked down the aisle during the State of the Union and still get reelected in Indiana.  These folks can do pretty much whatever they like, but for people like Jackie Walorski, Susan Brooks, Trey Hollingsworth and Larry Bucshon, this bill might work against them with the right Democrat opposing them.

It's going to be key to get good Democrats to run against each Republican Congressional Representative this year.

I did not mention Todd Rokita in that list of Republicans because if he runs again in District 4, he's likely to be reelected.  Rokita, however, wants a promotion to the other side of Capitol Hill in the Senate, and his vote for the AHCA could work against him as well as defending United Airlines and law enforcement in the Dr. David Dao dragging incident a few weeks back in Chicago.

As you may remember, Dao had a ticket for a seat on an overbooked flight.  When United tried to get some passengers to give up their seats for members of another United flight crew, the passengers refused.  Dao was chosen at random, but he refused to give up his seat.  Authorities were called, and Dao was dragged off the plane unconcious having sustained a variety of facial injuries and a concussion.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz and the airline admitted fault and settled with Dr. Dao, but that wasn't enough for Rokita who made sure to get the following statement on the record.  "I also wanted to say that this is a bit of a two-way street. A grown man, assumedly sane, when approached by law enforcement, on an aircraft, should abide by the requests being made. And I don’t know that that, Mr. Chairman, has been said in this hearing or generally in the conversation. So I wanted to make a record of that, because it deserves to be said,” Roikta said.

Ok, Todd.

One way or another, Republicans have opened the door...maybe even to a primary challenge for themselves.  Now, it's up to Democrats to walk through and take the opportunity.  That's something that our party admittedly has trouble doing sometimes.  See Clinton, Hillary...


Anonymous said...

Why is the REPUBLICAN Indiana Department of Revenue hounding a dead man?
A man who was the nephew of a very well connected Indiana REPUBLICAN.
A man who has been dead for more than five years.
A man who the IN BMV accepts as dead.
A man who the U.S. Social Security Admin. accepts as dead.
A man in who's death there is a cover-up.
A man who this very well connected Indiana REPUBLICAN uncle knows is dead.
A man who's very well connected Indiana REPUBLICAN uncle left him penniless as a teenager.
A man who's family is currently in need of an attorney due to ongoing issues.
Is the state of Indiana this desperate or is something else going on?

johnnystir said...

Ok folks, if you're going to comment, keep it to the post in question. Thanks.