Thursday, April 13, 2017

Democrats Can't Afford to Lose Donnelly in 2018

Joe Donnelly
Senator Luke Messer.

Senator Curtis Hill.

Senator Todd Rokita.

Chill down your spine, yet, Democrats?

I don't understand why some people on my side of the political aisle can't see why a conservative Democrat is better for Indiana than a conservative Republican. Furthermore, I can't see why some on my side of the aisle are ready to turn the table over just because they don't like the way Joe Donnelly sometimes sets out the place settings.

Much of the latest ire from some folks in my party against Donnelly comes from the decision to vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice.  I'm almost certain that once Chuck Shumer had his 41 votes to force Mitch McConnell into the nuclear option on Gorsuch that Democrats like Donnelly in tough reelection fights for 2018 were free to vote up on Gorsuch.  It takes a line of attack off the table.

You can be mad because you think Donnelly isn't liberal enough, and I have shared my frustrations about him here before.  The strategy of not voting for Donnelly or leaving your ballot blank simply is a full or half vote for one of the three Republicans I mentioned at the start of the post.  Granted, there could be someone else other than those candidates that break out on the Republican side, but I think that those three seem to be the most likely candidates.

Messer reportedly is placing himself in a better position for a run.  While Messer seems at first glance to have a good legislative head on his shoulders, he was "excited" for Donald Trump's agenda, and he was considered for a spot in the Trump cabinet.  Rokita allegedly wants to move down the hall to the Senate so he can take his great ideas like eliminating union representation and grievances for federal employees and taking food out of the bellies of some of our school children to the upper legislative body.  Curtis Hill is putting himself in front of every camera he can find even if he has to dress up like Elvis to do it.  He's raising his profile as Attorney General for some reason.

Any of the three would take Donnelly's Senate seat, Richard Lugar's old Senate seat, in an entirely different direction.

Here's my inconvenient truth.  In Donnelly's position, I would have done the exact same thing on Neil Gorsuch, but I get why some others wouldn't.  I'm just not ready to let a Republican from Indiana vote on another Supreme Court nominee...especially one that might replace a more liberal vote on the high court.

If you don't like Joe Donnelly, that's fine. Seek him out and talk to him.  He's plenty accessible. Also, realize that the most important vote he'll cast in the Senate for you is that vote for majority leader.  If he's not there and it's Rokita or Hill or Messer, will they have hardly ANY of your positions in mind when they vote to keep Mitch McConnell as majority leader?  

Dems can't mess around and lose Joe Donnelly's seat in 2018. We just can't afford to do it.  Hopefully, Democrats across the state will figure that out and solidfy that base vote.


Anonymous said...

Gorsuch is 49 years old. He will be on the Supreme Court for about the next 40 years. He will be one of nine voices that gets to shape the framework in which all policy will be carried out. He doesn't even need to convince 4 other justices to join with him, his dissents will have great impact in shaping laws as legislators and lawyers look to them to evaluate policies and positions that stand to run against his worldview.

That is much more grievous than having to wait 6 years to deal with another ineffectual republican in the Senate seat. Any of the names you listed can be replaced at the end of term, and will have to work with dozens of their peers to do anything.

Donnelly needs to be run out of office. If that means a republican, so be it. At the very least Donnelly going down will take with him the current crew of incompetents at IDP.

Anonymous said...

The above is a typical stupid "progressive" comment. As someone who's been involved with in state and local Democratic politics here in Indiana for over 30 years, I've seen this movie before and it never ends well.God save us from the "better people" progressives.

kris said...

This "dig in my heels for my liberal candidate at the expense of having a much less desirable candidate in office" mentality is exactly what happened in the 2016 election. The rise of the Bernie wing of the Democratic (but not really) slash Independent party is not a viable reality in Indiana. I would propose that most Hoosiers are more like Donnelly than not. I voted for him in 2012 and will vote for him again. (btw, I would have held my nose and voted for Gorsuch as well)