Monday, March 6, 2017

Pence Hypocritical on E-mail Mess

Mike Pence would have you believe his e-mail flap is no big deal and that it doesn't compare to Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal.

Truth of the matter, like Hillary Clinton, Pence was trying to conduct business in a busy world.  Clinton set up her private server at home so she could do the work of Secretary of State from there, and there's no question that Mike Pence was doing the same thing.

Sitll, it's hypocritical for Pence to have criticized Clinton for her use of a private e-mail to conduct work business while he was doing the same thing.  People are right to call him out for this duplicity on this issue.

The fact that some ID thief was able to stumble in and hack the Governor's America Online account without really even knowing what he or she did makes it kind of funny. There's no evidence Hillary Clinton's private server was hacked.

The Star's Tony Cook's expose from last week hit hard at the Vice President, but it still didn't shine the excrement that was Donald Trump's incredibly bad and horrible week.  Pence's e-mail scandal is minute compared to the continuing Trump Administration's mess with Russia.  That's an onion that keeps unpeeling.

Pence was hacked, and he used a private e-mail account to conduct state business.  Knowing these two things, he continued to criticize Hillary Clinton.  That makes him a hypocrite...with a capital H.

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