Monday, March 20, 2017

Brewer Takes Chance on Reality TV

Former Mayor Candidate
Chuck Brewer
I was perusing my Facebook wall this morning when I saw local activist Evan McMahon's post on a new CNBC Show.

"I was watching previews for The Partner, on CNBC, and thinking 'man that guy looks familiar'. Well he should, it's former Indy Mayoral candidate and owner of both Soupremacy and Potbelly, Chuck Brewer," wrote McMahon.

Inspired to do a Google search, I found the show's web page.  Sure enough.  There's the first contestant, Chuck Brewer.

In his contestant video, Brewer highlights his military service and his success in business.  He talks about selling off his Potbelly franchise and continuing to work with his own concept, Soupremacy.  Again, it doesn't tap into his personal life too much other than he's a father.  It also doesn't mention anything about him running unsuccessfully for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Nevertheless, Chuck Brewer impressed many with his run in 2015, and I wish him the best on the reality show.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me, but this news about Marion County Republican failed mayoral candidate Chuck Brewer, the guy alleged to have deceived the Assessor's Office about his illegal multiple residential property tax exemptions, is just too ironic. Isn't this the guy who first wanted to be on the world's worst City County Council before he decided he wanted to be mayor of Indiana's most corruptly run city? Is this the guy who was unsure even which address allowed him to qualify for running for office?

Crony, former Marion County GOP Exective Director Head Nitwit Kyle Walker's favorite mayoral candidate is reduced to reality shows and peddling soup kitchen franchises I find difficult to believe could ever be successful. But what do I know? Similar to the lawless ex mayor & ex-soldier Greggie Ballard floundering in his narcisistic pathology hawking his "homeland security" connections at Trump Tower, Bewer was used by the Marion County GOP machine and the attorney's who run that criminal syndicate.

True Republican said...

Interesting news. Thanks for sharing. We must say though we were not impressed at all with Chuck Brewer's ill fated run for mayor in 2015. Hopefully he does better with this new venture. Good work as always Jon!