Wednesday, February 22, 2017

MCDP to Reorganize on March 4; Sweeney Bell Expected to Lead Marion County Democrats

Kate Sweeney Bell phone banks.
Photo courtesy of OFA Flickr Page
The Marion County Democratic Party will meet on March 4 for its reorganization meeting at the UAW Union Hall on South Tibbs Ave.  The doors will open at 9:00 am with credentialing being cut off at 10:00 am.

Precinct Committeepersons and Vice Precinct Committeepersons will meet to elect a new Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the local party.  

Current Chair Joel Miller will not be seeking a second term as Chair, and Marion County Recorder Kate Sweeney Bell has been working to solidify support for several months for a run at Chair.  She has the support of Mayor Joe Hogsett and and Congressman AndrĂ© Carson.  She's been longtime friends and allies with both party heavyweights.

Besides Sweeney Bell for Chair, recommended candidates supported by the Mayor and the Congressman, according to the Mayor himself, are Stuart Mora for Vice Chair, LaDonna Freeman for Secretary, and Mark "Tony" Duncan for Treasurer. Nominations will be taken from the floor.

I have no concerns about Sweeney Bell's ability to run a party, but I do have concerns about having her, as an elected official, being in charge day-to-day.  Miller worked as a full-time Chair, and he was in the office almost every time I visited the headquarters.  Sweeney Bell will have to make sure that the people she puts in charge around her will carry out her agenda.  When I raised my concerns, Sweeney Bell pointed out that Mike McQuillen is an elected official and Chairs the Marion County Republican Central Committee.  That's true, but I believe a legislative post is much different than an executive office.  

If anyone can pull it off, though, Kate can.  As I learned a long time ago, if you want to get things done, go see a busy person to help you.  She's going to be incredibly busy.  I've known her for years, and I have the utmost confidence in her and respect for her to move the party forward.  

Joel Miller deserves a heaping helping of praise as well.  It's hard to replace a legend, and he did so magnficiently taking over for Ed Treacy and carrying the ball forward.  There is now not a Marion County Executive Office that is not in the hands of the Marion County Democratic Party.  Joel has been a friend of mine for years as well, and I can't thank him enough for the work he's done. Joel is still very young, and you can bet you haven't seen the last of him. Life, however, moves on, and it's an exciting time for Democrats. 


Anonymous said...

And-it appears another Republican elected official is poised to take on the position of the Marion County Republican Party. No one has mounted a serious challenge to State Senator Jim Merritt's campaign for the role as Chair. Aside from the time commitment needed to serve well, I question how aggressively an elected official will publicly challenge members of the opposing party on one day when they need to sit face to face with them and negotiate policy issues the next.

Anonymous said...

Kate will do an excellent job! She is incredibly hard working; proving herself in countless elections. She is a smart, straight talker and knows the people. I have no doubt she will balance these positions well. Go Kate!

Yes, Joel deserves many thanks for his commitment and accomplishments.

Mark Smith said...

A hard worker and a straight talker. What the hell else do you need?!

Mark Smith said...
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