Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mass Transit Tax Passes

At last night's City-County Council meeting, the mass transit tax was approved by a 17-8 vote.

Both sides of the vote can claim a bi-partisan flavor.

I have made no bones about being against this mass transit plan.  I think it shortchanges major parts of Indianapolis including much of the Southside.  The individual votes of the councillors kind of covered where the mass transit plan would or would make improvements.  All four southern-tier Councillors voted no joined by Stephen Clay, Christine Scales, and Susie Cordi.  The eighth vote came from Jeff Coats on the city's northeast corner.

Now that the tax has passed, I'll gladly pass over the dollars to the city (like I have a choice...I'm not leaving).  I know that this plan will make a difference for many.  I just wish that instead of the top sirloin that we could have explored the filet mignon.

My biggest beef (no pun intended) has always been that this plan doesn't take into account the mass transit situation in the southern tier of townships.  Decatur and Franklin are hardly touched by the plan yet residents in those communities (like me) will pass over our tax dollars for nothing in service.

I'm done complaining.  I'll just hope that someday I can use safe, efficient mass transit here in Decatur Township without taking extraordinary measures to do it.  I'm not going to hold my breath.

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