Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Senator Head Wants to Give Gov., Others Raises (WITH UPDATE)

Senator Head
Logansport Senator Randy Head wants to give the Governor and other state officeholders a raise.  Head says we need to pay the officeholders more to attract more talented candidates in the future.

Why do you say that Senator Head?  Is there some deficiency in talent?

Anyway, Governor Eric Holcomb currently makes in the neighborhood of $110K. Head wants to raise that to around $140K.

The other elected executive offices such as Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General, and Superintendent of Public Instruction would get a hike in pay as well to over $100K.

Head’s proposal comes as the state struggles to find money to fund repairs to its crumbling infrastructure. As you might be aware, some lawmakers (and maybe the Governor) want to raise the gas tax in order to fix that infrastructure.

It seems to me (and I'm not alone in this) that maybe the infrastructure issue is one problem we should tackle first prior to giving anybody a raise, especially when they aren't asking for it.

What we pay our Governor and other state officeholders is probably something we should look at, but I don't think there's any pressing timetable to do it. This particular bill, should it make it to law, would not take effect for some of the offices until as early as 2018. The Governor’s raise would not kick in until 2021.

It just doesn’t seem like a front burner thing to do right now, to be honest. I guess if we’re so concerned about attracting and retaining talented individuals in a meaningful service profession, we should give teachers a raise, right?

Late update:
It appears the bill has been gutted and will now just study the idea, according to Fox 59.

Incidentally, Head at one point ran for Attorney General.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jon, for a piece that does not totally suck up to politicians of the major political parties who are able to vote themselves pay raises (or arrange to have their political cronies in the Legislature push such an agenda) where the average Jane and Joe taxpayer cannot. Jane and Joe Taxpayer often must work two and three jobs just to provide shelter and food for themselves and their children.

I believe it is the case, more importantly, virtually any degreed and advanced degreed HR professional worth her salt will tell you higher salaries do not magically equate with "better" human resources or "more capable" personnel. To allege that higher salaries for politicians are needed to attract capable persons is a lie used to excuse the cries for raising of political salaries... cries that usually arise immediately AFTER an election and most usually NEVER BEFORE an election.

I am reminded in the most recent election of some of Indianapolis' own City County Counselors who did not for one second complain about performing work for the people "unpaid" or "on their own time" but once elected, or re-elected, screeched how overworked they are or how unfair their salaries are "compared" to political salaries in other towns and cities. [That comparison of salaries is another oily excuse, and a false one, to excuse salary grabs at taxpayer expense.]

Whether it is our Indianapolis career politicians on the planet's worst City County Council or Hoosier Executive Branch seat holders, these people knew the salary ranges when they chose to run for office. If they did not like that pay offered they should have sought employment in other sectors.

Elected politicians gladly take the paychecks, the prestige, and the perks, and in some cases the retirement pay that come with elected office that we everyday people will never ever see in our lifetimes. It seems to me that politicians who can travel on holiday to, say, the Dominican Republic, or collect salaries such as those in the Indiana Executive Branch are paid enough. Period.

And you are right, Jon. There are far, far, more important issues such as deteriorating neighborhoods, failing infrastructure, rising crime, and reduced taxpayer services.

True Republican said...

Excellent work Jon!