Monday, October 3, 2016

What A Difference a Week Makes

What a difference a week makes.

Just one week ago on this blog, I wrote that this election was entering the Donald Trump's election to lose point.

Well, forget the election, he just lost it last week.

After a poor debate performance in which he appeared more than off his game, Trump fell into every trap set for him this week by the Clinton campaign.  That was punctuated by the New York Times report that because of a one year business loss of nearly $1 billion in 1995 that Trump likely has paid no federal taxes in 18 years.

Polls are showing that Trump's rise in the polls has either been stunted or is actually now falling and Clinton is moving back on solid ground.

Trump didn't just stop there. Trump further added to his woes by calling into question Hillary Clinton's marital fidelity as well as imitating her health problems at a rally on Saturday.  Trump has officially flipped his wig.

With under 40 days to go until November 8, it remains to be seen if Trump can recapture the momentum he had just a week ago.  One thing is for sure, this campaign season has been incredibly unpredictable.

I don't imagine there will be too many fireworks in this upcoming vice presidential debate on Tuesday night.  There's always some time for another October surprise, but it appears for now that this race is trending Clinton.

Guess we'll revisit next week.

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