Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Devolves into SNL Caricature in Second Debate

Well, where do we begin with last night's Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Let's begin with one of the two candidates isn't Presidential.  That's Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump comported himself again like he was a ring leader of a circus of crazy.  He was calling out all of his side show acts early on.  At one point, I was convinced he was reaching into his pocket and that Hillary had something to worry about.

Trump was clearly off his meds again last night, and he provided Alec Baldwin with enough fodder for another 10 or 11 Saturday Night Live sketches.  In short, he tried to throw everyone off the stench of his own putrid conduct in a lifetime of putrid conduct.  Problem is that he's neither skilled enough to do so nor had the opponent to allow him to do so.  In fact, at times watching Trump lurch across stage aimlessly wandering, it was like watching Baldwin's spot-on impression of Trump.  That's scary.

Somehow, Hillary Clinton kept it all together last night.  She just let Donald go on at times babbling like a drunk best man clearing out his cache of imagined and debunked attacks against her.  While Trump wandered, she sat.  While Trump yelled, she was calm.  When he threatened to throw her in jail, she merely smiled. When he went low, she went high.

A vocal minority of Trump supporters will yell and cheer and scream and tell you that their man won the debate.  When they do, politely nod and just think about the day that Hillary Clinton raises her hand and takes the Oath of Office.

Trump did nothing to get himself back in this race, and Hillary has done nothing to lose it.  In fact, by just letting Donald be Donald, Clinton is practicing one of her best attributes: patience.

The winner of debate number two is Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Prager, “The Dennis Prager Show”, Oct. 2016:

“I just want to say something to my listeners. I totally understand people who are challenged to their personal principles how [they] could support Donald Trump. What I don’t understand is that nobody is ever challenged on principles reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton.”

johnnystir said...

Follow that link and you'll see my endorsement for Hillary.