Friday, October 21, 2016

I Voted No on Mass Transit Referendum

One of Chicago's "L" Trains
I voted no on the mass transit referendum.

Believe me, I'm sympathetic to all the reasons to vote yes, and I may even agree with some of them.  However, this plan is a bandage on a gaping wound and will do little to solve the mass transit problems with IndyGo in certain parts of the city.

One of those parts is where I live.  I live in Decatur Township, and this plan does little to nothing for this area of town.  The problems facing residents down here with access to mass transit will continue, so I don't feel that I should have to pay for it.  Call me selfish, short-sighted, a hypocrite...whatever, but I just don't feel that this is something I can support.

I \don't buy that there is any long term plan to solve this issue in this area.  If I did, I would think differently about this plan.  Kentucky Avenue and/or the railroad tracks along Kentucky Avenue would be a perfect corridor for plan expansion, but it won't come.  I've already been told by a City-County Councillor, a Democrat, that we don't have any destinations down here and that we don't have enough residents to support expansion.

To me, that tells me that there's no plan for the city to ever help us down here build up what we have.  They are content with Decatur Township taking the trash from he rest of the city and putting it in the landfill down here.  They are content with the IPL Harding Street plant powering the city from extreme Northeast Decatur, but they aren't serious about helping us bring restaurants, shopping centers, and other amenities that would attract higher-level housing down here.  Nope.  We're supposed to fund the rest of the county north of Troy Avenue but get nothing this way.

I am pro-mass transit, and I would support a tax increase to get it done. I voted for the Eskenazi Hospital referendum, and I voted yes on the Decatur Township schools referendum.  I just can't support this halfway done plan that won't address the myriad of needs in my neck of the woods.

I say to the powers that be that if you want my tax dollars, I just ask that you give me a plan worth raising my taxes for before I will vote to raise them.


Unknown said...

There are many reasons to support transit for the overall good of our community. People who don't have kids in schools are still expected to pay taxes to fund our schools. We do this because it stabilizes our community, reduces crime, provides a skilled workforce and so on. Transit will help get people to work, which means more people are paying taxes and reducing our structural deficit. That's good for everyone. I urge you to read stories of many different people who will benefit:
If we're a top American city we can't rank 86th in our transit investment. I'm sympathetic, but disappointed in the narrow approach Mr. Easter and hope citizens can recognize the macro benefits for our city as a whole.
-Matt Impink

johnnystir said...

I was not urging anyone to vote in any particular way. I never once say in the post how someone should vote. I also said I was sympathetic to the arguments for the plan, but this is much different than Eskenazi Hospital or even a school referendum. I can see my tax dollars at work. When the mass transit plan does nothing for this area of town and no one seems to care about it but us, well, I have to vote no.

My voice will likely get lost in the overall push to pass this from the powers that be. After all, I'm no Greg Ballard.

Anonymous said...

Everything I've seen about this mass transit plan seems to be about getting Hamilton and Johnson County residents an easier way to get to downtown Indianapolis. If you don't live near Meridian Street, you're out of luck. I live on the northwest side of Indianapolis, and I don't see how the transit plan is going to help me at all. Furthermore, the governing bodies of Johnson and Hamilton Counties do not seem to be interested in the slightest in financially helping this plan to succeed. If you have a plan to help Marion County residents with mass transit, I would be interested. I'm not going to support Marion County taxpayers paying for a system which would reward white flighters who don't live in Marion County. The people who moved out of Marion County, and who no longer pay taxes to Marion County, surely knew what they were getting into.