Monday, October 17, 2016

Holcomb Subliminally Bringing Up LGBT Civil Rights Issue?

The race for Indiana Governor is either neck and neck or firmly within John Gregg's mustache depending on what poll you believe.

A couple of polls show Gregg and Holcomb within the margin of error of each other, but a Monmouth University poll that came out last week shows Gregg up 12 points.  

The ads have become a little more negative in the race, but they have not reached the depths of some of the other races on the ballot, and the first two debates between Gregg, Holcomb, and Libertarian Rex Bell drew praise for their substance and civility.

That's why something that's in an Eric Holcomb ad is raising the eyebrows of moderate Republicans and Democrats across the state.

For a moment in one of Holcomb's recent ads, John Gregg is shown in front of the Metro, and Indianapolis bar that caters to the LGBT community.  

Gregg has been outspoken this time around from day one of his campaign on the issue of civil rights for the LGBT community.  He has gone as far as to, according to the most staunch activists, apologize for his former positions and promise to make this his top priority if elected.  He says that no matter what happens in the General Assembly that Gregg will sign an executive order dedicated to preventing discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers.

Holcomb has refused to take a position other than to say there is no consensus in the legislature and that he has essentially no stomach to fight for what's right despite widespread polling supporting the addition of LGBT Hoosiers as a protected class under the state's non-discrimination law.  Moderate Republicans also generally support the idea.  It's Holcomb's hardcore right wing base that opposes it.

When I heard about the Holcomb ad, I scoured the internet for any sign of it. It's not on Holcomb's YouTube channel.  This morning, one of my Facebook friends, Jeff Lilly, posted a screenshot of the ad.  With permission, I post it here.  

Screenshot courtesy of Jeff Lilly on Facebook

To me, it seems pretty cut and dry, and it's pretty sad and stupid.  As some Republicans have pointed out, for this to work negatively against Gregg, people across the state would need to know what the Metro is, and any Republican that knows the Metro would probably be turned off by the tactic.  

Anyway, that old tired adage, "It is what it is," applies here.  You don't need me to tell you what to believe.  Make your own judgement on this one.  I will say that I think this is rather low.  Stay strong John.  You're on the right side of history.

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