Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gregg Takes Second Debate

John Gregg
After a lackluster gubernatorial debate last week that I called a small Gregg victory, a second debate took place last night at the University of Indianapolis.

It was a clear win by John Gregg, an one that clearly showed why he's more prepared than Eric Holcomb to be Governor of Indiana.

The Democratic nominee was in strong form on Monday night throwing in some of that Southern Indiana charm that lacked in the first debate.  Gregg scored strong points on the depth scale often speaking of fleshed out plans and referring viewers to his campaign website.

Holcomb came across often as defensive tasked with defending the negatives and touting the positives.  All to often, he came across without any direct responses to Gregg's plans other than the status quo.  He also avoided mentioning Mike Pence's name like the plague.

Rex Bell did a tremendous job touting his idea about limited government as the Libertarian candidate.  Unlike other statewide Libertarian candidates of the past, Bell spent less time talking about how his two opponents went after each other and more about his view of government.  That is less government is better.

Gregg came out ahead, and, if you believe the recent polling that puts Gregg in the lead in this race, he probably came out well ahead.  That is...if anyone took the time to watch the debate.  Lots will be decided in just over a month on November 8.

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