Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bayh Can Help Fix Broken Senate

Evan Bayh
Evan Bayh is not perfect.

Not by a long shot, and I've been critical at times of him here on this blog.  Sometimes, it's important to step back and take the long view of things though.

Bayh was a successful Secretary of State and then two-term Governor of Indiana.  Bayh won election to that office in a tight fight over Republican Lieutenant Governor John Mutz.  He was the first Democrat in two decades to serve in the office.

Serve he did.  Probably his lasting gift to the state besides lower taxes and a state surplus was the 21st Century Scholars Program.  Years later, that program still continues to help students that deserve to go to college be able to do so.

Evan Bayh then went to the United States Senate, and, I'll be honest, many Democrats found his service there less palatable than his Governorship.  But, in a testament to his leadership, for the next 16 years, red Indiana had a purple tint.  Bayh Democrats, those middle-of-the-road, careful D's populated the Statehouse.

So, as I looked at my ballot in the voting booth the other day, I didn't even hesitate to mark my ballot for Evan Bayh.  After all, John McCain has said that if Republicans control the Senate you can expect them to hold the United States hostage until they get nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court that meet their demands, Constitution be damned, he expects Republicans to block President Hillary Clinton's nominees, should she win the Race for the White House.

You see, Todd Young is a Republican, and I'm not sure what he's done in Congress nor has he given us much idea.  He's been one of 435...indistinguishable from the rest.  He has no programs with his name on it.  All Todd Young will do in the Senate is toe the party line.  He will serve the Republican Party and not the state of Indiana.

We know Evan Bayh won't do that.  Bayh's bucked his party and even trended more conservative at times than Richard Lugar on some issues when they were both in the Senate.  Bayh won't be the gridlock in the Senate.  Like Indiana's current junior Senator, I think Bayh is part of the solution to fixing a broken Senate.

You see, what makes Bayh not liked by many Democrats is actually one of his best qualities.  Bayh reaches across the aisle.  Sometime, he votes like a Republican.

I just can't see Todd Young doing that.  Make sure you send Evan Bayh to the Senate.  Heck, Joe Donnelly's seat may even depend on it in 2018.  It will be a lot easier for Joe to stay in the Senate with a partner like Evan Bayh on his side.

Don't look for perfection. Look for the guy that will get things done.  That's Evan Bayh.

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