Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bayh, Brenton, Young to Debate Tonight

Tonight is the first and only debate between Todd Young, Evan Bayh, and Lucy Brenton, candidates for Indiana's junior U.S. Senate seat.

I wish I could tell you what to expect.  I just don't know.  The tone of the race through ads for both major party candidates has been increasingly nasty for weeks.  Now, hardly anything positive is coming out of the Bayh or Young campaign.

After a poor start, I think the Bayh campaign has finally gotten its act together and has begun to hit Todd Young as hard as he's hit Bayh.  I still think it was a mistake for Bayh's camp to allow Young's campaign to define the veteran Indiana political figure.  After 30 years in public life, there should be no question in anyone's mind who Evan Bayh is or what he stands for.

I'm interested to see how Bayh answers questions about his post-U.S. Senate employment.  Conversely, I'm interested to see how Young responds to direct questioning over his record when it comes to his positions on entitlements and student loan debt.  

Brenton winning this race is unlikely, but she could prove herself more than just a spoiler if she can have a strong showing in probably her first major exposure of the campaign.

We'll find out from 7-8 pm tonight.  The debate will air locally on WFYI or WTHR.  It will also stream at www.indianadebatecommission.com. You can submit questions there for the debate.

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