Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wake Me Up When September Begins!

The calendar has turned to September, and it’s after Labor Day.

That means campaign season has arrived in full swing, and you’re sure to be tired of the ads you’ll see between now and November 8.

As you well know by now, Indiana has three elections with national significance to watch from a results standpoint because they are going to be close. The Indiana Governor’s race appears to be a dead heat heading down the stretch as does the 9th District Congressional race and the Indiana U.S. Senate election. Put a cherry on top of a close Presidential election, and it’s going to be one whale of an election season.

In the race to be Governor of Indiana, John Gregg had taken a toehold lead it seemed a few weeks ago, but Eric Holcomb has had a smooth and strong launch to his campaign. It seems that Republicans are back on track in what was a 50-50 race before Mike Pence removed himself from the running by accepting Donald Trump’s offer to be his running mate. Libertarian Rex Bell hasn’t made the splash that Rupert Boneham did in 2012, but he’s also going to earn some votes this time around.
In the 9th District, this one continues to be too close to call with Shelli Yoder going head-to-head with “Tennessee Trey” Hollingsworth. It’s odd that Republicans are trying to paint Evan Bayh as an out-of-stater when Hollingsworth moved to Indiana specifically to try to win this 9th District seat. Russell Brooksbank is also running in the 9th.

Finally, the race that seems to have attracted a lot of advertising dollars because of all that weighs on it, former Senator and Governor of Indiana Evan Bayh is attempting a political comeback against Representative Todd Young and Libertarian Lucy Brenton. Bayh has a lead in almost every poll with wide margins in most, but the Republican attack machine continues to try to tarnish his voter-friendly image. Balance of the U.S. Senate is question. A win by Bayh could mean the Democrats take back the Senate if puzzle pieces fall in other states.

Add in the tightening national polls between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and it’s going to be a really important time to stay involved. The direction of the country is at stake.

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