Friday, September 30, 2016

Johnson Blowing This All on His Own...It's Not the Media

Libertarians are claiming that the liberally-biased media is now coming out against Gary Johnson because Hillary Clinton needs the votes.  Wait a minute...I thought that he didn't take votes from...nevermind...

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Libertarians are claiming that the media is now giving Gary Johnson a hard time because Hillary Clinton is in a tight race with Donald Trump.

Stay with me here, folks...

What if Hillary Clinton said there's no need to address climate change since the sun is due to swallow the Earth (billions of years) in the future?  She didn't.  Gary Johnson did (in 2011).

All I'm saying is, imagine if Hillary Clinton said, "What is Aleppo?" in an interview.  She didn't.  Gary Johnson did.

What if she stuck her tongue out at a reporter during an interview in the middle of an answer to a question?  She didn't.  Gary Johnson did.

What if Hillary couldn't identify one foreign leader when asked who her favorite was?  Gary Johnson did.

What would Fox News be saying?  What would CNN be saying?  What would MSNBC be saying?

Nope, sorry.  You don't get a free pass on this one because you're a Libertarian, Gary.

The writing is on the wall on this one.  Gary Johnson's not proving to hold up well this election.  He's been erratic.  He's been goofy.  He's been unpresidential.

Gary Johnson, like Donald Trump, isn't fit to be President.  I regret treating him as if he were earlier in this campaign.

Too bad Bill Weld isn't at the top of that ticket.


Christine Scales said...

William Weld should have been at the top of the Libertarian ticket with Gary Johnson delegated to be his bag man.

True Republican said...

The Libertarian Party should have nominated Paul Ogden!