Friday, September 2, 2016

Holcomb's Campaign Videos Show Candidate on Trail

On Eric Holcomb's YouTube page, there is a series of videos showing the Republican nominee campaigning across Indiana.

They actually are brilliantly done, and the Holcomb campaign should be applauded for doing them, but you really get a feel for the firehose from which Holcomb is drinking right now.  In one episode, Holcomb is in Carroll County at a bacon festival in Delphi.

In the video, he's hopping from booth to booth sampling the bacon vittles.  He also gives a motorist a helpful push out of a wet parking spot.  He also gets the grand tour of the sites, makes a joke about James Whitcomb Riley's possible indiscretions in Delphi and shakes lots of hands and hears lots of stories.

This is something John Gregg has been doing across Indiana for the better part of the last five years now.  Gregg of course makes the argument that he wants to "serve" as Governor where Holcomb just wants to "be" the Governor.  Holcomb has only been Lieutenant Governor for a few months and the Republican nominee for Governor since late last month.

It's pretty much unfiltered Holcomb, and he comes across as an average joe.  As someone who enjoys campaigns and politics, I enjoyed them from a campaign-log.  More candidates should do these types of things, in my view.  You really get a feel for the person, and Holcomb comes across well even as he's stuffing himself with bacon pizza, bacon cookies, and ice cream.  After all, that's the campaign trail.  Food glorious food!

I have to hand it to the Holcomb folks on this one.  Smart campaigning especially for a guy not many people know.  The question is...will anyone see them in time?

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Anonymous said...

Latest polls show Holcomb up a miniscule 4 points above Gregg. It says a lot that he's not trailing given the time and financial challenges faced. Not a Holcomb fan, but in this election race, as in the one for president, neither candidate leaves me desperate for one to win over the other.