Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Holcomb Won't Push for LGBT Protections; Gregg Will

Eric Holcomb
It’s very cliché, but there’s what is right and what is popular.

I was always brought up to fight for what is right even if it was not popular, and, in many cases, what is right is not always popular. That’s because what’s right sometimes takes effort and it sometimes goes against the grain.

No matter how hard it gets, Eric Holcomb has said that he isn’t going to fight for what’s right for LGBT Hoosiers. "I don't tend to focus on issues where there's 0% probability of success," the Lt. Governor said, according to WIBC’s Eric Berman.

Well, maybe, dear Eric, there might be a chance of success…I don’t know…if you led the way on this? If you decided to be a champion for the rights of an oppressed minority, maybe other Republicans would follow and there would be a chance for success.

In short, what Holcomb is saying is, “Gay people, vote for the other guy because I don’t have the heart to stand up for you and for what’s right.”
John Gregg

John Gregg has made the civil rights of LGBT Hoosiers a main campaign plank of his this time around since the first day. Was he wrong on the issue in 2012? Yes. He’s apologized, and he’s said he was wrong. He is now promising to fight for LGBT rights at the Statehouse in the form of putting this oppressed minority into the state’s non-discrimination clause.

Yes, it’s going to be hard, and he may not get it done, but I believe John Gregg is going to try to do what’s right for all Hoosiers.

If people didn’t pursue things that have no consensus, where would we be as a world? We would still probably believe the world is flat and that the sun orbits us. We would have never landed on the Moon or pushed the boundaries of space. We never would have made landmark legislation like the Civil Rights Act happen.

When you’re a leader, you look to BUILD consensus…not look for consensus that already exists. Holcomb SERIOUSLY misreads this issue. Times are changing. If John Gregg can evolve and Barack Obama can evolve, certainly Eric Holcomb can see that others can and will too. All it takes is for an ally to stand up and make the case. All it takes is for an ally to LEAD on the issue. Sometimes all it takes is to try.

Eric Holcomb refuses to be that ally. He’s not fit to be my Governor.

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