Thursday, September 1, 2016

Holcomb Releases First TV Ad

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, Eric Holcomb has finally pulled enough change out of his couch cushions to get a TV ad up.  I saw it for the first time last night during WTHR's evening news.

It's available in 30 and 60 second versions.  It's frankly strong ad that introduces Holcomb well.  The ad's theme is "Called to Serve".  The ad isn't flashy and doesn't stand out.  In fact, I almost didn't realize it was an ad for Holcomb.

John Gregg's campaign as well as the Democratic Governor's Association continue to take swipes at Holcomb.  Might be time for a change in tactics now that Holcomb is up and on the air.  Gregg might want to take step back and remind the voters who he is and what he's fighting for rather than continue the offensive on a guy who isn't that well known yet.  If anything, I think I'd begin attacking Holcomb on his own right rather than attacking him as Mike Pence, Jr.  There's plenty to go after.

One way or another, welcome to the airwaves, Mr. Holcomb.

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Anonymous said...

As a republican. This ad doesn't really help Holcomb that much. You don't know who the ad is about until the end and you can't hardly tell this guy is running for Governor! If Holcomb wants to raise his name recognition this is not the way to do it.