Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gregg Takes First "Debate"

I watched a bit of today's gubernatorial forum on education, and I have to say that I was not impressed by any candidate.

I felt that this was an excellent opportunity for the three candidates to connect in some way with students, teachers, and parents about education.  Instead, I think you heard two candidates spit back canned answers (Eric Holcomb and John Gregg) with Rex Bell who often played the anti-government and establishment card.

The candidates took questions from students and from the moderator.  One particular student caught my attention.

A young man from Tech High School asked a question about whether undocumented immigrants living in Indiana should be eligible for in-state tuition rates rather than the out-of-state rates.

Bell supported the measure.

Holcomb said that the issue had not passed the legislature and had not gotten much traction.  Essentially, his heart isn't in fighting for these kids.

Gregg said it was a tough issue that should be looked at on a "case-by-case basis".  

I guess we'll look towards next week's debate at the University of Indianapolis on Monday to see if debates will change this race.  I'm planning to attend.

All-in-all, since he seems to be the frontrunner, John Gregg probably won this debate.  Holcomb, who is a much better debater than Mike Pence ever was, scored no major points.  Bell was likable but not gubernatorial.

Gregg comes out ahead.  I saw no reason why swing voters would swing to Holcomb's side.

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