Monday, September 26, 2016

Debates About Only Remaining Campaign Event for Clinton to Stop Trump Momentum

Donald Trump
I'm starting to feel like this is becoming Donald Trump's election to lose.

It seems that no matter how crazy he gets or how the times scream out for someone opposite of him to lead the free world that this election continues to move in his direction.  

It's getting dire.

Then comes tonight.  One of the last things that can shake up this race: the first of three debates. 

Tonight will not win the election for either candidate, but it can certainly lose it.  In the age of the GIF, the wrong smirk or look at the wrong time can become something that a campaign is forced to respond to.  The right sound byte can zing the opponent and help the fortunes of a candidate.

In 2012, Barack Obama briefly lost his way with a horrid first debate performance.  Mitt Romney was declared the winner by almost everyone, including me.  The polls tightened a bit, and things became a little uneasy for the frontrunner.  During the second debate, Obama stopped the momentum as Romney made a unforced and strange comment about having "binders full of women" that he used to find qualified candidates for positions when he was Governor of Massachusetts.  It was a shaky moment, and it turned momentum back towards the President  who won the second and third debates.

Hillary Clinton
It's really hard to handicap tonight's debate.  Trump could gaffe big time, but he's been amazing at mitigating the damage.  What aspects seem like they might be shortcomings for other candidates (lack of couth, tact, common decency, connection with reality or the truth) seem almost like virtues for Trump.  Whereas the vitriol and hate for Hillary Clinton by Republicans and even some Democrats have clouded her message.

The media clearly has been perplexed by this race.  They aren't covering Trump like a traditional candidate because he's definitely not.  Clinton, who is getting the traditional treatment, seems to be getting the tougher go.  

The clock is working into the fourth quarter on this race.  Donald Trump has the football, and his team is driving.  Hillary Clinton is on defense with a small lead, but you can see her players are tired and on their heels. 

Tonight, Clinton has to either hold Trump to a field goal or find some way to get a big hit on Trump to get the ball back so she can be on offense.  Maybe Trump will throw her the ball, or maybe he's going to leave her an opening.

After over almost two year's worth of campaigning, it's come down to the debates. As NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens once said, "Better get your popcorn."

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