Monday, September 12, 2016

Clinton Can Come Out Stronger After Health Setback

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton's health became a campaign issue yesterday when she experienced some sort of health episode at the 9/11 Memorial Service in lower Manhattan.  Not feeling well, she left the event early.

While getting into a van, Clinton was caught on video moving slowly and appearing to faint as she was supported by people around her. Early word was that she got overheated and dehydrated and went to Chelsea's apartment to cool off.

A few hours later, Clinton left Chelsea's apartment looking good, walking normally and waving to supporters and reporters.  A statement from the campaign from Clinton's physician, Dr. Lisa R. Bardack, said Clinton was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia and was taking antibiotics.  She was ordered to rest.  At the event, Dr. Bardack said in the statement, Clinton got dehydrated and overheated but was now "recovering well" after she was able to examine the Secretary.

For this particular moment, the Clinton Campaign couldn't have handled this better.

For most candidates, this would be that, but Clinton's health has been under question by Donald Trump and his supporters who claim she's not healthy enough to be President of the United States.  It's total bull.

Some Hillary supporters are crying sexism and are rushing to defend her at all costs.  This whitewashes what happened on Sunday, and it helps feed the Trump narrative.  There's a way to turn this around, though.

First thing's first, this won't change my vote, and I doubt it will change the votes of those who are decided.  It does give me pause and concern for Secretary Clinton and it drives home just how much these candidates sacrifice when running for and when serving as President of the United States.  It's exhausting work.  I want to see Clinton win, but I want her to serve and be healthy through her entire term.  Let's be honest, Trump doesn't appear to be a picture of health on his own.  Clearly, he's overweight and out of shape. He's 70 years old and would be the oldest person elected President if he wins.  Clinton would be the second-oldest.  Hillary Clinton is still by far the best choice for President.

I believe that now the cat is out of the bag about her health, so to speak, Hillary needs to take conrol of the situation. First thing's first, she needs to take whatever time is necessary to get well.  If it takes a week, take a week, but do not hit the campaign trail too soon after this.  A repeated fainting spell only will make this story worse.  She needs to assure that this doesn't happen in public again.  If that means she carries a bottle of water with her everywhere she goes, then do it.

Also, before going back out on the campaign trail, I'd book an interview with one of the major news networks and talk about taking your health seriously.  How she's putting her health up front, and I'd be open and honest about everything that is possibly problem.  It's not going to change what the right thinks about her, but her honesty will be appreciated by most Americans.  Her supporters will only support her more.

After that, I'd put it to bed, and I'd say that my cards are on the table, and I'm done talking about the issue.  I'd get a full physical and release the results and leave it at that.

Hillary Clinton is fit to serve as President.  She's a strong, tough, and amazing person who will serve this country well as its Commander-in-Chief and Chief Executive.

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