Friday, September 23, 2016

Cardwell's Use of GOP Contacts to Promote Business Raises Eyebrows

Indiana Republican Party Chair and Mike Pence loyalist Jeff Cardwell has recently come under fire for possibly using party e-mail lists to promote his own business and his own charity.

GOP Chair Jeff Cardwell
The IBJ wrote that this all started when prominent Republicans started receiving ads for Cardwell's hardware store on Indy's Southside.  

When they unsubscribed from the list the ads were coming from, the notice seemed to indicate that the list had been somehow party-related.  According to the Indy Star, Cardwell defended himself and his actions by saying that he has built a network of contacts in business and politics over the years and that they overlap often with his political contacts.  

Excuse me, cough...cough.

(Deep breath...quick exhale) 

So let's pretend we believe Cardwell's excuse.  

Even if you take him at his word that he was targeting people he knew in his network of contacts to promote his Southside hardware business, that means he was engaged in, what I would consider, questionable business practices.  


I get tons of political e-mails on my personal account each day. I don't get spammed by candidates or party officials that own businesses with information about those businesses.  My friend, Steve Terrell, for example, is an excellent attorney.  We do exchange personal e-mails often.  That said, Steve's never sent me information about his law practice or begged me to use his services to write a will.  

I've never gotten an e-mail from my friend Zach Adamson about a haircut deal at his salon.  

When I hear from my friend Robin Winston, it's always about an awesome political opportunity I usually find interesting.  

Pam Hickman never sends me anything about jewelry sales at Patora Fine Jewelers.

These people are never trying to sell me their services or products.

I'm more casual friends with other people that own businesses that are in politics, and I've never received an e-mail from them about their businesses.  The e-mail lists I'm on are typically only ones I put myself on or ones that clearly are political lists.

Let me be frank.  I think Cardwell got caught trying to butter his bread on the party's contact list or a version of it.  Either that, or he's just no better than those spammers that call you at dinner time.  He just does it by e-mail.


True Republican said...

Excellent work as always Jon! And from our experience with political emails. Jon, the staff has gotten political emails for many years and not once have any of them ever included any information about any candidate or political officals private businesses! Mr. Cardwell needs to reevaluate his email policies!

Anonymous said...

FOR YEARS Jeff Cardwell has been doing all he can to use his political connections to help his near south side handyman store prosper and Jackie Nytes did exactly the same with her hubby's printing business. The public has no real inkling how much business is conducted between politician-owned firms and government entities. It's not enough to get paid by the tax payers, these political creeps seek double and triple dipping through their crony linkages.