Friday, September 16, 2016

Bayh is no Bumpkin

Todd Young’s latest ad is a disgrace to not only his campaign, but it’s a disgrace to Hoosiers everywhere.

While trying to make a point about Evan Bayh, Young may have managed to make a point about himself and his own campaign that bears note. It’s a cautionary tale to campaigns and campaign managers that try to make humorous ads.

The ad starts out repeating the same tired lines about Bayh’s post-Senate career. Then it talks about how he’s come back to Indiana to run for Senate again. The ad ends with an actor playing Bayh putting on a hilljack accent and trying to appeal to Hoosier voters in a TV studio full of Indiana props. The backdrop fails, and “Bayh” is exposed.

When have you ever heard Evan Bayh put on some country bumpkin accent? You can say a lot about Bayh, but it’s often the other way. Bayh is stiff and sometimes cold on the campaign trail. It doesn’t seem to be something he likes or enjoys. He talks like an intellectual, and he has voted right along the same lines that Richard Lugar did when he was in the U.S. Senate with a more center left approach than Lugar’s center right approach.

Todd Young’s actor playing Bayh with the country bumpkin accent shows you that this must be what he thinks about Hoosiers. He thinks we’re all hilljacks. Of course, he also thinks that the retirement age should be higher and that social security is a Ponzi scheme.

Young’s ad isn’t even funny because it gets the parody totally wrong. Evan Bayh would never look or sound similar to his persona as portrayed in the Young ad. So, who knows whose reality Young is trying to reflect in the ad? Is this what he thinks gets Hoosier votes?

All we know about Todd Young is he’s a former Marine who has embraced Tea Party policies that have been repudiated by voters in the Hoosier State before. Maybe it’s Todd Young that’s been in Congress too long. After all, he tries to blame Bayh for all of Indiana’s problems, but, if you believe Young’s own ads, Bayh wasn’t even here to cause any problems. That means that Todd Young is part of the problem.

Plus, he just doesn’t seem that in to us.

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