Thursday, August 18, 2016

Turvey in 6th District Race

Rich Turvey
I need to issue a rare apology to a candidate for office.

Rich Turvey, a veteran, father and pancreatic cancer survivor, is in the race for Congress as the Libertarian nominee in the 6th Congressional District running against Luke Messer and Barry Welch.

Turvey was nominated by the Libertarians at their convention earlier this year.  It certainly was never my intention to leave any candidate out, and I apologize to Mr. Turvey for omitting a mention of his candidacy in my blog post on Wednesday.

Good luck to Mr. Turvey in his run.

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True Republican said...

Turvey is grateful for your mention of him. It would be nice if he could defeat Pretty Boy Messer! That guy is such an empty suit! Good luck to Misters Turvey and Welsh!