Thursday, August 25, 2016

Storms Spawn Rare August Tornado Outbreak

Every once in a while, we're reminded just exactly where we are in this world.

We're reminded that, if it wants to, that this world will step on us and wipe us off its shoe as it continues down the street.  We are just visiting on this planet, and Earth lets us know every once in a while.

Yesterday was one of those days.  Out of a forecast that included just a marginal risk of severe weather, a rare tornado outbreak took over the news cycle and didn't let up for about seven hours spreading true fear and wonder across parts of Indiana.

Striking as many schools let out, the storms forced delayed or aborted dismissals for schools as students crowded off buses and back into hallways sometimes more than once.  Reports of tornadoes on the ground in the City of Indianapolis sent chills down residents spines as they scurried for cover.

The true hard hit of the day went to Kokomo where an apparent devastating tornado directly hit Greg Goodnight's city.  When it was done, homes and businesses lay in rubble.  Then several more tornado threats raked the area all night across not only the Kokomo area but also from Lafayette to Peru to Muncie to Rushville to Richmond and other communities across our state.

In all, thanks to prevention and maybe simply luck, there were only minor injuries and no fatalities.  We thank our cliched lucky stars for that.

While many Hoosiers escaped unharmed, they are cleaning up now as their lives have been strewn across the Indiana landscape.  It's with them that our hearts and best thoughts should be.

As I've said before, to help victims of disaster, visit  My best wishes go out to everyone adversely affected by yesterday's storms.  We are reminded, again, by mother nature that we are pretty much just guests here.

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