Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rokita, Brooks Don't Have Unobstructed Path Back To Ballot

The political landscape in Indiana could further be changed on Saturday when two caucuses meet to fill ballot vacancies in Congressional District 4 and 5.

Expected to be returned to the ballot are Todd Rokita and Susan Brooks, the current incumbents, but that’s not a sure thing. There will be a choice for the voters in the upcoming caucus, but typically those are party people not ready to rock anyone’s boat.

Just for fun, let’s look at who’s running in each Congressional District. Rokita along with Kevin Grant, Nick John Kadas (who lives in Schererville) and Clayton Tomasino are battling in the 4th District. In the 5th, Brooks takes on Steven Mackenzie and Cynthia Sweet.

It would be catastrophically big news if either Brooks or Rokita is upset, but you know each of them have to just be slightly worried and carrying around a sense of doubt and regret in the backs of their minds for trying for the nomination for Governor. Perhaps there could be a law change that would make this very strange situation a thing of the past. For example, perhaps it could be that neither Rokita nor Brooks would have to quit their office unless they were to become the party’s nominee for Governor. 

That might even lead to an expanded field.

Anyway, I have a feeling that when the sun rises on Sunday that Todd Rokita will be the Republican candidate for Congress again in District 4, and Susan Brooks will be the Republican candidate for Congress again in District 5.

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