Friday, August 26, 2016

Pence Hate Misplaced on This One

Mike Pence
Mike Pence just is not liked by Democrats.

No shock, right?

I don't particularly like his politics, but I hope I've never given the impression here that I hate the man because that's not true.  I know Pence is a husband, a father, and a human being.  When he decided to run for office, it was probably for the right reasons...just on the wrong grounds.  In fact, he's so wrong on the issues that he would never be right as Vice President.

Earlier this week, I criticized Governor Pence for choosing to visit Baton Rouge instead of South Bend to attend to the needs of flood victims.  News reports say that Pence applied today for federal disaster relief for the flooding that happened on August 15.

On Wednesday, tornadoes devastated parts of Indiana.  An EF3 twister destroyed or damaged several businesses and scores of homes in Kokomo and another touched down in parts of Montgomery County.  As cleanup began, Pence visited Kokomo bringing the national media with him to shake hands, give hugs, survey the damage, and offer help.

At its core, this is what any governor should be expected to do.  It's what Pence didn't do in South Bend, but he made it right in Kokomo.  I would expect John Gregg to do the same thing after he's Governor of Indiana in January.

Unfortunately, many fellow Democrats and Pence opponents seem to forget that this really is the job of the Governor of Indiana.  The fact that he's dragging extra people with him is not necessarily a bad thing.  Those extra folks are the national media bringing attention to the devastation in Kokomo.

Regardless, I'm not going to rip Mike Pence for doing exactly what I criticized him for not doing earlier this week.  I have to be intellectually honest.

Also, I just want to take a moment and underline that even had Pence decided to not visit Kokomo, the city is unbelievable hands with the very capable Greg Goodnight at the helm.

If you want to help the disaster victims across Indiana, visit

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