Monday, August 1, 2016

Gregg in Strong Position as Holcomb Depends on RGA Dirty Ads to Help Him Catch Up

John Gregg
It's been a mostly relaxing weekend, and it's given me a chance to reflect on the Governor's race here in Indiana and where that stands.

It's still a critically important race with Eric Holcomb and running mate Suzanne Crouch now playing somewhat of a catch-up role to Rex Bell and Karl Tatgenhorst, the Libertarian ticket, and, of course, John Gregg and Christina Hale, the Democratic ticket.  There are less than 100 days now left, and Holcomb has little time to waste.

For Holcomb, it seems the Republican Governors' Association is keeping its nose in the race. The RGA has launched yet another attack ad on John Gregg.  This time, it's trying to link Gregg to Hillary Clinton and her comments about putting the coal industry out of business.

Eric Holcomb
A few months back, Clinton said that she wanted to put coal companies and coal miners out of business quickly pivoting to talk about retraining those workers in other fields.  Of course, a few snappy political editing jobs later, and big bad Hillary is putting good people out of jobs. The ad says that Gregg did nothing to stop Hillary's plan.

The fact is that John Gregg couldn't do anything to stop Hillary Clinton from putting anyone out of a job when she said those comments earlier in this presidential campaign.  That's because he hasn't held elective office in 14 years.  Hillary Clinton hasn't held political office since 2009, and when she was with the State Department, he wouldn't be putting her emphasis on domestic issues anyway.

Anyone with half a brain sees this as a political move to tie a supporter of Clinton's to a controversial opinion of Clinton's.  I guess the Republican Governors' Association must agree with Donald Trump's controversial views 100 percent.

Back to the things that matter, John Gregg needs to take advantage of this moment when he has more money, more support and even more name recognition to show he's the more qualified candidate to serve as Governor.

Eric Holcomb's resume is very light compared to his Lieutenant Governor choice in Suzanne Crouch, and I would not hesitate to point that out in a very fair way if I were Gregg.  Holcomb would be one of the least qualified Hoosiers to hold the Governor's Office in my lifetime.  He's never been elected to an office before, and the one elected office he has held, he was appointed to.

For Gregg, he needs to be drilling his biography in ads as well as that of his Lieutenant Governor, Christina Hale.  I think it's time to bring out this ticket in full.

Really, Gregg hasn't stepped wrong yet in this campaign. He's running very well.  He hasn't made any mistakes.

Granted, Holcomb has a ways to climb to catch up, but, in a red state, the distance he has to cover is shorter than it would be in some other states.

No matter who the candidates are, the Governor's race remains one to watch for Hoosiers.  It will make a big difference as to how things go in the next four years in Indiana.

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Good post as usual. One thing that is not brought up much is the fact Holcomb was not very well liked by the various County Republican Chairman. Which is one of the reasons he couldn't raise much when he ran for the U.S.Senate. Charlie White has some podcasts that discuss Mr. Holcomb.